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“Zenit has a proposition that will disrupt the way organizations use technology.”

Sander van Hijfte, Director at W-Integrate

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“The analysts at Zenit work fast and thouroghly. A pleasant collaboration and transparent communication.”

Inge Werner, Hoofd Collectiediensten at University of Utrecht

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Why Zenit?

shutterstock 74687467 geschaald450 ZENITWe give you insights and control over your company processes

Our platform gives you the ultimate control over your company processes in the most complex environments. All products and services can be digitally requested and tracked through different systems, departments, or other organizations in the supply chain. At each step your organization is informed of the right processing of products or services for your customers, or gets alerted when a certain action is needed. Data can be used more intelligently and employees get the right information at the right time execute the necessary actions.

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shutterstock 530775229 geschaald450 ZENITAchieve excellent customer experiences

Our platform enables truely customized services with the current systems and applications. Through customer profiling, processes can be automated and adapted to each customer. This enables mass-customization, without extra costs in the back-end to process each transaction.

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shutterstock 492235111 geschaald450 ZENITWe enable you to continuously apdapt to an everchanging environment

Our platform gives you an infrastructure that enables you to quickly adapt to change. Processes can be easily adjusted to new legislation or changes in the market. Integration of new products and services can be done quickly without affecting the current infrastructure, making mergers and acquisitions quicker and more succesful. ‘Plug and play’, but then on a large scale!

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We make you independant of your environment

Our platfrom enables you to design your organization and your processes in the desired way, with optimal use of the current systems and applications. You are not held back by legacy systems or vendor lock-ins. Because of the agility that our platform offers your organization, you challenge your suppliers to meet your demands against a fair price.

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shutterstock 622336637 geschaald450 ZENITWe make you self-sufficient

With our platform you will get extensive control capabilities on all your company processes. We can train your employees to easily make adjustments to any process and help your organization to design and implement the first few processes with our platform. By then your organization is able to do this without external support.

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“The demonstration really shows how Zenit’s platform can immediately deliver added value to an organization.”

Casper van der Velde, Management GGMD

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